The National Theater unveiled the winners of the Theatrical Composition Competition launched in World Theatre Day, under a uniform slogan of “Culture in isolation” as part of a raft of initiatives launched by the Ministry of Culture and its cultural commissions.

The competition covered two tracks; the first is for theatrical texts based on dialogue, kinetic performance, and controversy between actors, and the second track is dedicated to children’s plays texts. The winners of the two tracks will be awarded prizes totalling 360,000 SR where the first winner in each track gets 70,000 riyals, and 50 thousand riyals for the second-place holders, and the third-place winners will receive 30,000 riyals each, and 20 thousand riyals for the fourth-place holders, while 10,000 for the fifth place. 

The winners of the theatrical scripts track were; first place Yasir Al Hasan for Under the Rubble, second place Siham Al-Abudi for Didrah, third place Sami Al-Jaman for The Berry Leaf, fourth place Fahd Ridah Al-Harithi for Light, and fifth place Abbas Al-Hayek for Ayoub’s Seagulls. 

The winners in the children’s play texts track were; first place Hasan Al-Rabih for Soldiers of the Garden, second place Abdul Baqi Al-Bakhit for The Mug is Fixed in Place (Al-Kouz Markuz), third place Ali Mubarak Zayd for Waste – Night (Hadr – Night), fourth place Talal Lubban for The Marketplace, and fifth place Munirah Al-Khashram for The Field Guards. 

The competition embodies the commitment of the National Theater affiliated to the Ministry of Culture to support Saudi creators in writing to enrich the Saudi theater content, which is part of a comprehensive project to develop the Saudi theater industry in Saudi Arabia.