Throughout the year, the Theater and Performing Arts Commission will continue to launch various initiatives. Check in here for the latest updates.

The National Folklore Competition:

The National Folklore Competition is meant to aid the intangible national heritage through encouraging all community members to document the national Folklore treasures in Saudi in the following tracks; Folk Dance, Folk Music, Folktales and Legends

Skill Development Initiative

The Theater and Performing Arts Commission has launched a strategic initiative specialized in supporting professional development in the theater sector, aimed at raising awareness and enhancing the skills of practitioners and specialists in the field.

The Comedy Competition

As part of its efforts to discover and foster theatrical talent, the Theater and Performing Arts Commission has launched the "Comedy Competition," featuring live and pre-recorded stand-up comedy shows. This contest will shed light on a wide variety of comedy talent, contributing to nurturing the comedy scene in Saudi Arabia.

Theatrical Composition Competition

The competition aims at stimulating the field of writing theater texts in the Kingdom by supporting the winning scripts to be creatively produced, directed, and displayed locally and internationally through exceptional and exclusive programs.